Q & A's

The Wagon is a mobile drinks service bar and a COVID safe registered business.The wagon bar arrives 1 to 1.5 hours before service time, the purchased pre chilled drinks you have provided are then put in ice tubs ready for serving to your guests.


What different packages do you offer?

We offer a Horse float converted into a mobile bar with side and back service areas, or a more compact option of a double wine barrel bar, complete with beautiful timber top. You can see the different packages in the hire tab on this web site.

Is set up and pack down included in the package prices?



Do we supply Alcohol?

No, we don’t supply alcohol, soft drink or mixers, as we do not have a liquor licence.


How much alcohol and what type will I need?

We are more than happy to recommend quantities and a selection of drinks when you book.


Do we supply glassware?

Yes we do, we have bubbles and wine glasses, these are included in the package price. 


Do we supply ice?

Yes, all our packages include ice up to 100 kg 


Horse float dimensions

2100 wide x 2700 high x 3800 long

What side is the opening serving hatch on the horse float bar?

When it is hooked on to tow on a vehicle , it is located on the drivers.

Does your vehicle stay attached to the float while serving?



Wine barrel bar dimensions

2500 long x 70 wide.


What type of area do I need to set up the Horse float bar? 

We require good access ( for reversing) and relatively level area of at least 4 - 5 metres to set up.


What type of area do I need for the wine barrel bar?

We require a level area of at least 2 - 3 metres to set up. 


Do we require power and water to serve?

No, however if both are available to utilize you have more lighting options. But it is not a requirement, the Wagon can work off the grid with the bar using battery operated lights.


Do we have RSA Staff?

Absolutely. all staff are RSA accredited, if your venue requires a copy, please let us know.


Are all our staff Vaccinated against COVID 19?



Where are we located?

We are located in Cessnock NSW 2325, all our packages include 100 km’s round trip, we can travel further just ask for a quote.


Do we require a cool room?

Yes, this is to ensure your drinks are pre chilled before we arrive and are ready in time for your guests.


What happens in bad weather?

We will still serve Rain, hail or shine, the only exception would be a natural disaster that has been declared, we will not offer refunds, but happy to reschedule your event, if rain is fore casted, we can provide a 3x3 metre gazebo for outside the bar. 


Do we have public Liability Insurance?

Absolutely, it is a legal requirement to operate our bar, it is to protect you and your guests. If your venue requires a copy, please let us know when you book and will be very happy to email a copy through.


Do we require a deposit?

Yes, to secure the date we require a 25% of the total booking cost, when this is received with our booking form you are all booked in, final payments are not due until 4 weeks before your event.

How many guests do our packages serve?

Our packages serve up to 50 guests, except for our Gumtree and eucalpt which serves 100 guests.

We can add on extra staff if you have more than 100 guests, please ask for a quote.

How do we book?

After discussion's on the best type of package to suit your event, a formal booking form is prepared and emailed through with as much pre-filled information that we have at the time, When the deposit and booking form is returned your booking is confirmed.

How long are quotes valid for?

28 days.

Are all prices inclusive of GST?



We only have 20 people at our function, is the price cheaper?

No, unfortunately the prices remain the same as 2 staff members are needed to keep the bar stocked up, glass ware collected and make sure there is someone in the bar to serve at all times.


Do we remove rubbish?

We can remove bar generated rubbish, this has to be pre-arranged before the event. please ask for a price quote


Can we add on more bar service times on the event day/night?

Yes, that’s not a problem at all, we just need 30 minutes notice, payment can be made with cash or a bank transfer, we would be very happy to stay on and keep serving your guests.


Can we meet at the venue before the event?

Yes, we would love to meet you on site.


Do we wear Uniforms?

We sure do! we have a few options if you want to choose, (t-shirts or collared shits) otherwise we can make the choice.

What is the latests we serve?

12 midnight




  • Mobile bar Hire

  • qualified RSA bartenders to serve your drinks

  • Garnishes for drinks (Lemon, strawberries)

  • Customised drinks menu board

  • Bar styling and decorative pieces

  • Glassware for 50-100 Guests

  • Bubbles, Wine, water glasses

  • Chilled water station, with floral arrangement

  • Ice up to 100 kg

  • All bar and service equipment

  • Set up and pack down

  • Esky supplied with cold beverages and drinkware, for the bridal party while photos are being taken.

  • Travel included (100 km round trip)